Top 11 best website traffic methods that worked for me

The quest of every website owner to unravel the best website traffic methods has no ending, therefore, tutorial post on best website traffic methods cannot be overemphasized.

It is true “content is king” as far as web publishing is concerned, but, without traffic, your site’s contents becomes a king without honor and dignity. After all, the holy book said “in the multitude of people is the kings’ honor”.

You will agree with me that the problem most intending bloggers face isn’t about how to setup a website or even start a blog; rather, it’s about how to drive traffic to their website or blogs.

The top question on the lips of every website owner is therefore: “what are the best website traffic methods?”.

It will interest you to know that so many website traffic methods have been adopted by different website or blog owners to drive traffic to their sites and retain same; some of these methods succeeded and so many failed.

I want to state here clearly that the best website traffic methods for me are the methods that can drive targeted traffic to your website and retain same traffic as you had anticipated.

In this post, I will be revealing to you some of the best website traffic methods that big time bloggers has used in generating swarms of traffic to their website and retaining them.

I and some of my friends have engaged these methods to drive thousands of traffic on a daily basis to our “Health and Nutrition” blog.

Top 11 best website traffic methods that worked for me

1. Best website traffic methods – original contents

Writing original contents is one of the best website traffic methods of all times. You must understand that search engines and humans are looking for brand new and original contents.

Don’t be tempted into engaging in copy and paste as obtained in news blogs; search engines are already aware of every article on the internet and their original source. Write seo articles for your site or hire a top seo company to handle that for you.

Your contents must be well formatted and edited to ease human reading. Don’t allow more than four lines in one paragraph.

Secondly, after editing and proof reading your content, it is advisable that you check the uniqueness of your content before publishing.

Here are some very good online tools to check the uniqueness of your contents and format as the case may be:





2. Best website traffic methods – Submit your blog post to forums

I want you to understand that forums are great places where you can attract a lot of traffic back home. Posting a summary or few paragraphs of your blog post in a forum with a link back to your site is all you need.

Remember to read the forum rules so as not to violate them.

Do a search on Google for the forums that are relevant to your blog niche.

3. Another Best website traffic methods is blog commenting

Mark a day or two out when you will be doing nothing but visiting and penning down useful comments on relevant blogs.

Your comment must be in line with the subject matter.

Make useful contribution to the discussion that is going on in that post; trust me, if your comment is useful enough, other bloggers will follow your link back to your blog to see what else you have to say.

Don’t leave lame comments or you will be never be reckoned with. Don’t just make: “Thanks for sharing” “Yes I agree.” “This is good Info.”, or “Thanks buddy” your comment.

4. Best website traffic methods – Social media

Another best website traffic method is the use of social media, Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, LinkedIn are the four major social media sites that you can pull good number of traffic from if you do it right.

Create your own Facebook group, and join other Facebook group as well and share your blog posts therein.

5. Another best website traffic method – Tutorial posts

This is one of the most potent website traffic methods, it attracts traffic like charm, and the result is unquantifiable. They keep coming and sharing to others.

Pick any topic of your choice relevant to your blog niche, research about it, gather all the information you need and pen down a killer tutorial on that subject.

6. Best website traffic methods – Tutorial video

Making a tutorial video on a subject matter on your website is another website traffic method that can drive traffic and also reduce your site bounce rate

In 2015, I watched a tutorial video on “setting up killer Facebook ads”, that video turned everything around for the best for my blogging career; I kept visiting back again and again to watch that video.

My friend, trust me, you can do it even more that that!

7. Best website traffic methods – Language translating Plugin

Installing a language translating plugin is one best traffic methods. This is very useful to non-English speaking traffic; this also helps to make your blog very friendly to different language speaking website traffic.

The use of language translating plugin also helps to reduce your site bounce rate.

Imagine when a Filipino discovers that he/she can read your blog posts in his/her own mother tongue, they feel so welcome; this will make them want to come again and also refer their families and friends.

8. Best website traffic methods – Help other bloggers

Your readiness to help other bloggers mostly the new ones is another site traffic generation method. Take advantage of the influx of newbie bloggers into the blogosphere, avail yourself of the abounding opportunities to become a helper/trainer.

Once these new bloggers discovers that you are always ready to render a helping hand, they will flood your posts. Don’t ask them to pay when you know it will cost you nothing to render the needed help. It is one of the best website traffic methods.

9. Best website traffic methods – Inbound linking

One best website traffic method is the act of creating internal links on each new post you make, linking back to other old and relevant posts within your blog.

These inbound links helps to keep the visitor stay put on your blog without bouncing; even if the visitor is not getting what he/she searched for on the current post, he/she has options through your well inserted internal links.

10. Best website traffic methods – Make your site mobile friendly

One of the best website traffic methods is “making your site mobile friendly”. Over 60% of internet users these days do so by the use of mobile devices.

Therefore, if you are serious about driving traffic to your new or old website, make your site mobile user friendly?

Take advantage of Google’s Page Insights Tool to check the mobile friendliness of your website or blog.

11. Best website traffic method – Engage email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best and great ways to drive traffic to your site. But you must of necessity learn how to capture emails and promote every one of your post to your list.

Your tutorial posts are the very best posts to promote to your email list

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