Best SEO strategies for carrying out website traffic analysis

A website is nothing without traffic, and traffic not converted is useless, but you need to be able to analyze your websute traffic before you can maximize them; while it makes sense to get all you can out of the traffic you do get, having multiple ways to get more traffic to your website is always a good idea.

One thing website owners does is carrying out regular website traffic analysis of their website/blog. The so caleed gurus that you know and respect in this industry does this on a regular basis.

This they do to enable them maximize the traffic their website generates. Infact, every website owner who wants to make money must regularly carry out proper website traffic analysis of their website/blog.

Therefore, it is also very crucial that you as a blogger should analyze your website traffic properly and enhanve your website revenue.

Website traffic analysis can be obtained from so many easily identifiable sources online, so many of which are free to use. These website traffic analysis tools helps to track your website traffic as well as what they do when they visit your site.

You only need to know exactly where the right tools are. Doubtless there are tons of free tools and services online for counting and comparing of website traffic, however,  quite a lot of them are totally useless and lacking in accuracy.

You really don’t have to spend any money to buy any tool to help you with website traffic analysis because the very best tools online for this purpose are free.

The best tool among all others online for website traffic analysis is no doubt Google analytics. This tool is given to you by Google. They give you a code which you are required to paste on a certain location on your website to monitor visitors to your website.

Google analytics will not only help you in analysing your website traffic but will also help you monitor the sources of that traffic so you can know which source of website visitors is actually working for you better than the others.

To get a Google analytics code, register an account with Google. If you have already registered an AdWords or AdSense account with Google, Google analytics is one of the extra tools you,ll be given access to obtain and connect to either your dsense account, your AdWords account, or both.

As far as the best website analytics software to run on your site, you have a whole host of choices. Honestly, for most businesses, the free tools provided at Google Analytics will provide you with more than enough information to start making improvements to your website based on what your stats are telling you.

All you need to do is simply copy the code they give you and paste it within your page HTML code before the tag.

Opening an account with Google is free of charge and so the use of Google analytics is practically the best deal you could ever have for a toola that takes care of all your website traffic tracking.

There are other places online where you can also get website traffic analysis tools which may be similar to what you get from Google. Some web host providers offer website analysis tool with which you can track visitors to your website as part of their hosting package.

Every company, regardless of its size or age requires multiple tools to understand the the followings such as: performance of its website, happiness of its customers thereby gaining key context from competitors.

You obviously won’t use all of the tools online at the same time, but it’s beneficial to know about some of the top options and how they fit into your overall web strategy. However, using varieties of tools gives you a degree of insight into your customers and your success rate

    The Benefits of Analyzing Your Website Traffic:

But here’s why it’s important. First of all, web analytics software can tell you where your visitors are coming from. Whether its coming directly to your website, from people searching in Google, or from other websites that may have linked to yours.

Some web analysis can track not only where the visitor came from but also where they go once they visit your site. You can see if they’re reading your content and leaving immediately, if they’re staying and browsing more of your content and products, or if they’re actually making purchases based on your information.

You can also track how long a typical visitor stays on your site and how many of your visitors are new visitors vs returning visitors (called Bounce Rate).

You can also use this kind of software to see if people are trying to access pages that don’t exist. This typically happens (and I know I’ve done it) when you create a link to a page and make an error in the URL so that when anybody clicks on it, they go to an error page. Web statistics software will show that people are trying to access that page but are getting an error message, which will allow you to fix it.

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