Best On Page SEO Strategies for Webpage Higher Ranking

Search engine optimization services are very vital for your website because any website or blog with good on page seo score will readily appear on top of the list of search engine results pages.

Friends, your website may be the slickest, with the most beautifully-designed layout and very high quality theme to match; still, without a good search engine optimization (SEO), your website or blog is almost useless because no one will be able to locate it.

As you are well aware, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is process of improving an entire website or web page to rank higher in search engines is divided into two parts, these are the On page SEO and the second is the  Off page SEO.

But in this post, I will be premising everything I say on just on page seo.

I am focusing on page SEO here because it is the first part of your website or blog search engine optimization strategy that must be dealt with before any other thing.

These on page SEO strategies and tricks I am sharing with you today can be used to better optimize your website/blog thereby increasing your website’s search engine rankings and traffic generation.

What On Page Seo Stands for

On page seo is a part of search engine optimization services, it is the act of optimizing an individual website pages with the aim of making such pages.

On page seo as it were refers to the optimization of the content and the HTML source code of a webpage page, these optimization is to enable the webpage rank higher in search engines thereby attracting more targeted traffic.

Please understand that on page seo is not really as complicated as some people have made you to believe. There is no any form of coding or programming involved it on page seo.

Please note that until you tell them through the process of optimizing your webpages for search engines, search engines don’t know the very keyword you are optimizing to rank high with.

There are diverse ways to let the search engines know what particular keywords you want to rank higher for, and one of the best ways is on page seo; which is the essence of this article.

On page SEO Key Factors

There are 12 major key factors for the overall success of on page seo of your webpages. These include the followings:

  • Use Keywords in url
  • Start Title with Keywords
  • Use outbound Links
  • Wrap your Title in an H1 tag
  • Drop keyword in first 100 words
  • Page Loading Speed
  • Post Long Content
  • Use Social Sharing Buttons
  • Reduce Bounce Rate
  • Add ALT tag to your Images
  • Bold, Italic, or Underline your Keywords
  • Internal Linking

Understand that on page SEO is something you must learn how to do or hire a local seo expert to do it for you if you want to rank well in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

It is important to note that that perfect seo is better achieved easily on WordPress blogging platform. Let’s begin looking at the above factors in details.

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