5 Tips for Turning Your Old Blog into a Niche Focused Blog

This post is going to be brief and straight to point. It is about turning your existing or any other blog to a niche blog for maximal profits.

Is your current blog a blog that have lost focus and now talks about everything? You will learn very soon how to turn your blog into a niche blog.

1. Don’t Give Up Owning a Niche Blog.

Even though you have not been able to stay on one topic over the years, the good news is that it’s not too late to start. Just make up your mind today that you will have a niche blog, and once that mindset in place, your niche blog is as good as ready.

2. Look at Your Stats.

Find out which of your posts tend to get the most traffic and maybe comments. This is an indicator of why people come to your blog, and it is also an indicator of a post that has done well in search engines.

Now, dissect these posts. What’s the topic all about? How did you write it that brings the search engines? Then make more posts like this on the most popular post topic.

3. Interact Fully with Your Audience

You already know that personal blogs thrive on close relationships with readers, the people who could potentially turn into your friends.

As you make a niche blog, this interaction is very vital because the more you interact with your audience, the more you understand it. Your niche blog is your media and the readership is your audience.

4. Prune Your Blog

By pruning I mean you removing some posts that are completely off-topic for your intended niche blog.

If you so desire to write on more than one niche, then start a personal blog elsewhere and prune your current blog into a niche blog.

5. Resist That Spontaneous Posting.

Resist the temptation to publish posts every day, most big time bloggers publish once in a week, resist that spontaneous posting.

Don’t publish every day; posting everyday is more appropriate for social media, or your personal lifestyle blog. Again, if you must have this outlet, create a personal blog to do it on. Do all you can to keep your niche blog always on your chosen topic.

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