Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The Potency of Bitter Cola over Poisons

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Bitter cola can neutralize snake poison or snake venom. Bitter cola can cure and neutralize scorpion poison.

If the snake bite or scorpion bites just eat one bitter cola and the snake poison and scorpion poison will neutralize within few minute of eating it.

 You use bitter cola to keep snake away from your home.

Get dried bitter cola grind it to powder and apply the powder to the floor of your house and any snake that crosses it die instantly.

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Children at home can accidentally eat poisonous things like eating bar soap or powdered soap.

If a child drinks kerosene or liquid soap, blend a bitter cola and give to the child to drink it, after that, the child will vomit the entire poisonous chemical he or she has swallowed within one minutes. You can take the child to hospital for medical checkup the result will surprise you.

you can cut bitter cola into pieces and soak it with water take it every morning it will flush out the toxic out of your body save a soul today share this post to your friend god bless you as you share it.

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