Saturday, September 21, 2019

Air Peace Crew Offers To Work For Free, Rejects Allowances for evacuation of Nigerians from south africa

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Taking a cue from their boss, Allen Onyema, the 18-man crew of Air Peace which evacuated Nigerians from South Africa have returned their allowances, saying it is their sacrifice to their fatherland in the ongoing mission to evacuate Nigerians from xenophobic South Africa.

The Chairman of Air Peace Airline, Mr Allen Onyema, confirmed this development while commending the crew for imitating him in selfless service to their country and for the sake of their countrymen and women.

Crew members of any flight are paid allowances for their service but in this instance, the concerned staff of Air Peace rejected the allowances due to them, opting to work for free just to ensure the evacuation of Nigerians.

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“They deserved the allowances they got. It is their right but they returned it.

They said if our boss can make the sacrifice of using his plane to evacuate Nigerians, they too will follow in his footsteps to make similar sacrifice,” he said.

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