Friday, May 3, 2019

3 Things That Will Make You Rich in Life

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We always wish for a life filled with comfortabilities, stability and happiness. If you were born in a poor background and you put no effort to change that and later live and die a miserable and poor person, it is you to blame. However, this might not result if you are doing the following;

1. Spending more than you earn

According to Lianne Martha, if you are a person who is every time looking for ways to spend your money, you will probably find yourself spending more of what you earn thus saving nothing. Try to minimize your expenditure only to what you can't live without.

2. You are always complaining.

A person who always finds an excuse to every situation will never utilize the opportunities he has. Keep off thoughts such as, 'life is expensive', 'I am feeling hopeless' or 'I see no future'. Change your unproductive ways to productive ones.

3. You only live for today and you have no plans about tomorrow

A scientist at Harvard University in his research found out that people remained poor because their “time perspective” is focused on short-term goals such as meeting basic lifestyle needs, buying luxury items, paying rent.

The long term goals such as investing, buying a piece of land or acquiring an insurance for children were not considered.

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